Arlington Gardens is a member of the CSA family farm network 

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… of Équiterre. CSA, or Community supported agriculture, often referred to simply as “organic food baskets,” is a concept which links consumers to local organic farms. You become a farm member for the season by pre-purchasing a share of the season’s harvest, while your farmers deliver baskets of fresh produce to a drop-off point in your neighbourhood or at your workplace each week.

2017 will be our 8th season growing organic food

Slider 2 - photo… and providing CSA shares to farm members who register for our seasonal basket program. You can sign-up for our 2017 CSA baskets now.

We grow organic vegetables and small fruits

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… primarily for the Greater Montreal market. Our production includes more than 50 kinds of vegetables of different varieties, as well as berries (mostly blueberries, black currants, and strawberries from time to time). The content of our baskets, or shares, varies from week to week throughout the season.

We deliver our products June through October at locations

Slider 4 - photo… in the city and at the farm. Weekly basket deliveries are made at predetermined neighbourhood and employee drop-off locations, as well as at the farm. In July 2016, we began operating a farmstand at Atwater Market. This year we’ll be at the Market again from July 8th (setting up on the 7th) through the end of October.

We farm 10+ acres organically and serve

Slider 5 - photo… nearly 300 CSA members. We began in 2010 serving approximately 50 members and have been growing steadily ever since. Every year we look forward to seeing existing customers return for another season and welcome new ones with open arms.

We enrich our soils with compost

Slider 9 - photo… and green manure. The farm soil is a sandy loam, which is typical for the region. It is, for the most part, well drained and ideally suited to organic vegetable and fruit production. The farm is comprised of mostly arable land, with some wooded areas near the river bed and between large expanses of field.

We perform crop rotation to counter the effects

Slider 7 - photo… of pests and disease. Crop rotation is the very essence of organic farming. We practice a 5-year rotation at Arlington Gardens, by plant family (solanaceas, brassicaceas, allia & cucurbits, mixed vegetables and green manure). While using crop rotation might sound old-fashioned, it is a much more effective and sophisticated system than relying on chemicals.

We do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers

Slider 8 - photo… nor do we use GMO seeds. Our commitment to organic farming stems from a deep-seated concern about the nefarious systemic effects of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers on the global food chain, and a belief in the importance of preserving seed, and food, diversity. Our bee keeping activities are in keeping with this concern and belief, as is an ongoing biodiversity project at the farm, Clear Water and Butterflies.

Hayloft Adventures was launched in 2014 — come stay for a night 

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… or two, or more. Hayloft Adventures is a unique rustic farm accommodations concept and agritourism venture modelled on the long-standing ‘Schlaf im stroh’ (literally “Sleep in straw”) precedent — a network of Swiss farms offering straw accommodations since the 1990s.