If you wish to be on our mailing list for 2020, email us to let us know so we can contact you early next year as soon as sign-ups begin. You’ll find our contact info here.

In 2019, are offering a Regular Season of 21 baskets from the week of June 17
through to the end of the week of November 4

To complement our produce baskets, we will once again be delivering
the artisanal, organic sourdough breads of Capitaine Levain*
as well as our very own farm fresh eggs, jams and other farm products
* NB: sign-up for a seasonal bread basket is directly with them, we will direct you to their website
We look forward to seeing you all soon!

2019 will be our 10th season growing organic food for our customers and providing CSA baskets to our members. Our baskets are delivered at different drop-off locations in Montreal and at the farm. You will also find our produce (and our baskets) at Atwater Market where we operate a farmstand from early July through October.

Baskets & Farm Store

CSA Baskets

If you’re new to Arlington Gardens, start by reading about the contents of our baskets and see how they change through the season (for a visual, check out our Weekly Updates).  Consult our list of drop-off locations and, if you’re new to Community Supported Agriculture, visit our CSA page to find out more about it and all things organic. Finally, once you’ve glanced at this year’s pricing below, you can sign up for your basket and become a farm member for the season.


 SEASON 1 SMALL *: $26 LARGE **: $35
Regular, 21 baskets $546 $735
Farmstand, 18 baskets



RFF Fees 2

$18+tax, or $20.70

$18+tax, or $20.70

Regular Season $566.70 $755.70
Farmstand Season $488.70 $650.70

* SMALL: for 1 – 2 person(s)
** LARGE: for 3+ people

1  There are 2 basic options for the 2019 season

  • The Regular — our classic formula — 21 weekly baskets from the 3rd week of June to the first week of November
  • The Farmstand* — a shorter offering to match our farmstand season  (18 weeks, at our Atwater Market location only) from July to early November

* Please note that we also provide a 21-week modified Atwater option — to match our offering at other locations — with pick-up at one of our other neighbourhood locations for the first 2 weeks of the season before our Atwater farmstand opens, and an extended pick-up at the Market at the end of the season

2 For development and awareness-raising activities — fees now subject to tax given the 2019 re-organisation of the Réseau des fermiers de famille (RFF) as a non-profit organisation managed jointly by member farms and Équiterre

3 Payable in a single amount or in 3 equal installments

Online Farm Store

The sign-up process is via our online ordering system. Once the season begins, you will likewise be able to place online orders for produce (like garlic and tomatoes) in greater quantities through our online store, subject to availability.


Once you sign up online, our farm store provides 3 payment options for our baskets — via Online Banking, by Interac e-Transfer and by cheque1 or cash. For this year’s CSA Basket Sign-Up, we encourage you to pay using Online Banking or Interac e-Transfer — although you may still pay us by cheque if you prefer. In either case, you may pay in full or in three installments2.  Later in the season, we will take farm store orders online, but will expect payment upon delivery ONLY, via either cheque or cash.

Online Payment

Arlington Gardens is a Registered Payee3 (or Beneficiary — the term varies) with the following banks:

Logo Desjardins
Logo BMO
Logo RBC

If you have already registered but have yet to complete your online payment (i.e. your order is being kept “on hold”), click on the appropriate logo to complete your payment now.

Interac e-Transfer

Most Canadian financial institutions now offer Interac e-Transfers as a small business online banking payment option (click here for an up-to-date list of all financial institutions offering Interac e-Transfers). If you are familiar with this service and wish to use it to pay us, please do so. Your order will be kept “on hold” until we receive your payment.

Payment by cheque

If you decide to forego the electronic options above (or if you would rather pay by cheque), you can still send your cheque(s) to Arlington Gardens at the following address:

39 Chemin North
Stanbridge East, Québec
J0J 2H0

1 Whether you pay electronically or by cheque, please note the Customer ID you create when you register for the season with us — this ensures we can trace your payment back to you; we cannot process payments without it. Your Customer ID is the alphanumeric identifier based on the first three letters of your last name, the first letter of your first name and the four last digits of the primary phone number, all as provided by you when you register.

2 Please make your first payment, in full or in part, upon registration, followed, if applicable, by a second payment by no later than May 1st and a final payment by no later than June 1st. If you choose to pay by cheque, please include your Customer ID on your cheque(s). If you pay in installments by cheque, please include all your post-dated cheques in the same mailing. Conveniently, your Online Banking installments may be pre-programmed for the due dates up front (see below)); the same can be done with Interac e-Transfers. 

3 As a ‘Registered Payee’ with the aforementioned banks, we are listed as ‘Les Jardins d’Arlington’ in French, and ‘Arlington Gardens’ in English. If your bank is on our list, clicking on its logo will take you to their online banking website where you can log in, select us from their list of Payees and pay your registration fee in full or in three (3) equal installments on or before the scheduled due dates. To process payment for your CSA basket, all 3 banks will require you to input your Customer ID.  


  • As a participant in Arlington Gardens’ organic basket program, you are signing up for the duration of your seasonal membership.
  • If you authorize us to share your contact info with the Réseau des fermiers de famille (RFF) when you register, such information will be used only in the context of the network and/or promotion related activities. The RFF will not use this information for other purposes and is forbidden to share it with third parties.
  • Collecting your share is your contractual engagement.  If you forget your share or cannot make it to the drop-off location, please try to make arrangements with a friend, family member or work colleague to pick it up on your behalf.
  • For scheduled holidays, you may arrange to either (i) have someone else take your share while you are gone or (ii) double up your shares before you leave or after you return to make up missed baskets.  Missed baskets must be recouped within the time frame of the program for which you registered, i.e. regular, extended or farmstand. Please let us know by e-mail which option you intend to exercise BEFORE you leave.  We do not refund vacation shares.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional information