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Alea jacta est

The weather forecast is looking a bit iffy, but no matter, alea jacta est 
in other words, come what may, our CSA basket deliveries begin this week on June 8-9 and 10, the first of 22 weeks for our neighbourhood drop-off locations and at the farm. Deliveries at our market farm stands will run 19 weeks beginning July 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We’ve been waiting for this for 3 months. It was a cool spring, and June cooled our jets even more. But Environment Canada meteorologists are adamant : the summer will be hot and stormy.
We shall see.

Our new greenhouses have served their stated accelerator purpose well, too well even,
as we’ve had to harvest vegetables like spinach and pak choi that were hard pressed not to go to seed. We’ll be adjusting our greenhouse sowing dates for seasons to come for sure.

As is customary at the season start, your basket will be quite leafy.
That said, for the first time ever, we managed to store last year’s end-of-season onion bounty in one of our warehouse cold rooms and to my surprise, the result is more than satisfactory. You will, however, have to keep them in your fridge, as they will be quick to sprout at room temperature.

We’ll bring your bread orders, as well as copies of our favourite CSA cookbook for sale ($35) –
La Saison des légumes, published at the start of the pandemic by our organic farmer friend and vegan caterer Mariève Savaria – for those of you who missed it in 2020-21, or who are new to the farm. It’s a great intro to just about everything we grow at the farm, and then some.

Last but not least, we are sorry to announce that
we will not be offering farm fresh eggs this year.
Washing room and warehouse renovations that are currently under way are taking longer than anticipated. We’ve taken down the old henhouse to make room for the expansion, and according to our contractor, he will not be able to complete the project until well into the Fall. We are pleased that our new washroom is almost complete, but insofar as the warehouse expansion and the henhouse rebuild are concerned, we’ll have no option but to be patient – a virtue, they say.