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Melting Snow

9 avril enneigé I - Winter Wonderland I

We awoke on this April 9 morning in a somber mood, feeling that Mother Nature had overstepped her bounds in teasing us yet again, this time one time too many. Her wintry taunt was spectacular, though, a freshly fallen layer of snow blanketing everything in sight, a marked contrast to the green backdrop for the setting sun we had enjoyed two nights ago. And our spirits are bolstered  by a forecast calling for 8 degrees Celsius today, 14 tomorrow: the snow will melt, we figure we should relax and enjoy it before it does…for good. And so we share our pics of a landscape made more beautiful still by the balmy weather and the realization that it is ephemeral.

9 avril enneigé II - Winter Wonderland II
9 avril enneigé 5 - Winter Wonderland 5