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Sweet May

May has made us forget one of the coolest and rainiest Aprils
we have experienced since we started the farm.
Creatures of habit, we have become accustomed to the milder winters, and drier and warmer springs, that have become the norm. This year has proven such an exception to the new rule that it was only at the beginning of May that we were able to venture into the fields with our tractors to begin transplanting cruciferous seedlings and onions in the fields. Nonetheless, as April faded into the background, we had time to complain about the dry weather, the lack of rain, and begin to worry about how it would affect us over coming weeks. Needless to say, with the abundant rainfall of the past few days, everything is back on track.

Fortunately, the greenhouses we built last year are coming in handy and have allowed us to plant a series of vegetables that will fill your first baskets:
spinach, pak choy, kohlrabi, coriander, etc. There was a method to the madness – these imposing structures really do provide a few extra degrees of freedom in the face of unpredictable weather, allowing us to escape the diktats of Mother Nature and better fulfill our obligations. Barring an unforeseen meteorological disaster, neighbourhood basket deliveries will indeed start on June 8 in Montreal West, Town of Mount Royal and Westmount.

Meanwhile, a reminder to the laggards in your midst:
only two more weeks to register!  Two weeks that will fly by! You can sign up now by clicking here to join us for another growing season.
We look forward to seeing you all again soon.