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Under Cloudy Skies

Yours truly would have preferred a bit more sun to start off the week, but it clearly was not meant to be…
Instead, it was in the early morning chill and under cloudy skies and that we started to harvest the first of our true winter root vegetables – namely, the rutabaga. There is no more epitomic vegetable to remind us that Fall is at our doorstep and to behoove us to eat our fill of summer solanaceas before we have no choice but to make do with ersatz tomatoes served up by well-intentioned grocers.

Our plants are still generous, but I feel their fatigue:
their leaves are yellowing and their fruits are growing smaller. I cannot ask too much of them – after having borne flowers and fruits for nearly four months, they are readying to pass the baton. A vegetable senescence made obvious by subtle (and not-so-subtle) colour shifts, as ochre tones come to dominate in what just a few weeks ago was a sea of green. An inevitable progression that even abundant rains cannot halt.

Be that as it may, and despite my observations above, this week’s basket remains steadfastly summery:
an abundance of solanaceas, still; a new squash (surprise!); a few leafy greens; a yet-to-be-determined root vegetable; garlic; and more. Speaking of which (garlic), this week will see us complete the delivery of outstanding tomato orders, so please be advised that your special orders of garlic will not begin until next week – a separate email will be sent in due course to confirm deliveries at your respective locations.

We look forward to seeing you all again.