Farm Life Vegetables and Berries

Bursting at the Seams

Ça déborde - OverflowingWe are still recovering from two weeks of unseasonably beautiful but cold late-April weather, accustomed as we had become to warmer, wetter springs. In truth, we should have known things would be different this ‘El Niño’ year. With stubbornly sub-zero temperatures for nearly a fortnight, it was impossible to take our seedling trays outside to ‘harden’.  As a result, the greenhouse was literally overflowing, with seedlings here, there and everywhere: under tables, down the alleys, in every nook and cranny…Had the cold weather not broken, we would have seriously had to consider renting extra greenhouse space! But last week things were back to normal, the nights turned warmer and we were able to plant our first brassicas – kale and Swiss chard – and most of our onions.

Online registrations are ongoing and it is easier than ever to sign up for an organic basket. Seasonal deliveries will begin the week of June 13 and will end the week of October 23rd for a total of 20 weeks. As always, you can choose between a large and a small basket and will continue to enjoy a broad variety of vegetables.

On repique - Transplanting

To all interested farm members: for the first time (as suggested by some of you), we have garden transplants for sale for your own home (back yard and balcony) gardens. The list includes red and yellow cherry tomatoes, Big Beef, Brandywine and Rose de Berne field tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, melons, watermelons, lettuce, and various garden herbs (dill, oregano, parsley, thyme) and even some broccoli, cabbage and pak choy. Place your orders by e-mail quickly (quantities are limited) so we can arrange for a pre-season special plant delivery at your respective drop-off location the week of May 23rd. The seedlings are priced at $2 each.

Danse des alliacées - Dancing Alliums