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Cool Nights

Have you noticed them lately?
The first cool nights of August,

an infallible sign that summer has reached its point of inflection, an impossible-to-ignore indication that – despite the many beautiful days still to come – we are slowly but surely entering into autumn. For all the plants in our fields, the cool nights are an open invitation to hurry up and complete their life cycle, to ripen their fruits and to reproduce in order to ensure their progeny can return next season… We too have begun to shift gears towards the cleaning of fields and the sowing of green manures. The window for a good run of oats and peas through early November versus a disappointing one is quickly closing, we have perhaps two weeks left before it is too late. All of which explains a renewed sense of urgency and a re-ordering of our to-do lists, all to ensure we take the time to nourish our soils, weather willing.

Meanwhile, your baskets remain steadfastly summery, laden with the last ears of corn of the season.
Our Glacier heirloom saladette tomatoes continue to offer their bounty while we await the arrival of our larger heirloom varieties by late August, early September. Our summer squash are still going strong, but cucumber production has slowed, offering a brief hiatus while we wait for the next succession. Our garlic is curing slowly and our Italian paste tomatoes will be turning red soon. Indeed, you will receive another missive shortly providing details re how to place your conservation garlic and paste tomato orders. Last but not least, please remember to mark your calendars for our 2022 Farm Potluck on Thanksgiving Monday.

The contents of this week’s basket will be
along the following lines:

corneggplantkalelettucesummer squash, onions, pepperstomatoes and more. Do not forget that while you may always click through to the suggestion for each vegetable above, you may also consult our general recipe page here.

We look forward to seeing you all again.