Vegetables and Berries


Tomates cerise - Cherry tomatoes   Maïs - Corn

This week we’ve hit the vegetable jackpot: early tomatoes AND corn-on-the-cob…it is not often that the stars align so nicely. Despite the reputation of both as high summer fare, tomatoes and corn usually start (and peak) at different times during the summer – although not this year, with tomatoes running a couple of weeks late and corn one week early. The good news is that we should be able to fit them both on the delivery truck.  Moreover, we’ve said it often enough already, but it bears repeating: corn is best when eaten (VERY) fresh…that is, within 24 hours of its having been harvested. In fact, what little we’ve retained of our high school chemistry classes speaks of the transformation of sugars (delicious) into starch (not quite so delicious) in a matter of hours. You can even eat corn raw – it’s a real treat. And Trudeau notwithstanding, we dare meddle in the “kitchens” of the nation by suggesting that if you must cook your corn, cook it no more than three to five minutes – enough to melt your butter, but not so much that you lose the kernels’ freshness…For this week’s full list of vegetables, click here.

pavot blanc dans celeriac - white poppy in root celery pavot rose dans celeriac - pink poppy in root celery pavot rouge dans celeriac - red poppy in root celery