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Farm Cleaning Time

It’s (farm) cleaning time.
We’ve been talking about it for weeks now, but the dithering has to end, it’s time to get down to brass tacks…As our honeymoon with the vestiges of summer comes to an end, we run the risk of getting stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place – namely, diluvial fall rains and chilling fall frosts, true harbingers of winter.

Time is of the essence,
as we gather up ground covers and geotextiles in our cucurbit fields, take down the high tunnels which have sheltered our solanaceas and harrow – again and again, to destroy all the weeds that have besieged us this summer – in order to be able, finally, to sow the last green manures of the season.

Some fields are sown with oats
which will be quickly slain by the first frosts, while others are sown with buckwheat which will hibernate and grow again as soon as spring returns. To each field its own cover crop, depending on its intended use next year.

Timing really is everything,
because once the dreary weather settles in, it will be too late to perform these basic field chores. A quick glance at the weather forecast suggests that we have until Thursday to complete a large chunk of our tasks…

In closing, your basket will definitely be fall-like
from now on, as we continue with our winter squash and introduce the first of our fall radishes – the daikon – a crisp, light and slightly peppery root vegetable. It can be enjoyed raw, in salads or in soups. It can also be marinated. We look forward to seeing you at your respective drop-off locations, and please don’t forget to let us know if you want to make up any remaining holiday baskets, as the basket season will fast be drawing to a close (the week of November 1 will be our last).