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New Wheels

Nothing better to lift sagging spirits in soggy fields than a high tech happening at the farm, i.e. the arrival of a gleaming new tractor, a Case 95 HP… While I am not particularly mechanically inclined (or perhaps because I am not so), I finally gave in to the lure of a new tractor. Several seasons of mechanical mishaps having taken their toll, I finally abdicated, increased our farm liabilities and contributed to the local agro-industrial complex. Indeed, I welcomed the new hot rod with the satisfied smile of the frustrated-no-longer farmer; it was immediately put to work harrowing a patch of green manure. One day, I will take time to write a post on the conflictual rapport that many farmers entertain with their farm equipment — a fraught relationship that colours my views on farm work. Suffice it to say that in this case and for the time being, the machine has won.

Un homme et son tracteur - A Farmer and His Tractor

The leafy green spring vegetable trend continues, albeit with somewhat fewer leaves but still considerable greens, as we harvest cabbages, kohlrabi, chinese cabbage, lettuce, garlic scapes, etc. We took the advice of a farm member last week, and prepared a delicious Swiss chard lentil soup, a nice change from your typical steamed or sautéed chard. If the plants have had a chance to regenerate, you may see some chard  leaves in your basket this week; otherwise, look for that other leafy green stalwart, kale.

Outil de récolte - Harvest Tool