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Courge Delicata SquashIf we had to wait for the first frost this year before harvesting our winter squash, chances are the wait would have been a long one. During one brief staff meeting it was decided that we would not test our patience given the multitude of other farm chores that await us in coming weeks. It so happens that as a result, we harvested a seemingly infinite number of butternut, acorn, buttercup, delicata and other squashes in record time. Said squashes had been planted in former hayfield purposely ploughed under at the beginning of the season for our late cucurbits and brassicas. Planting in an old hayfield is the vegetable equivalent of doping in élite sports, the ultimate in performance enhancement – permitting us to harvest ripe squash on still vigorous – green, even – plants (nitrogen, anyone?). After the last couple of weeks of spaghetti squash, then, allow us now to introduce you to the delicata, my personal favourite : easy to prepare (you can leave the skin on), sweet but not excessively so, with a texture reminiscent of that of the potato.Courge musquée au soleil - Sunlit Butternut

For those of you not able to pick up your orders last week, please note that your garlic and your tomatoes are ready. Remember to ask for them, and don’t forgot to bring your cash…We look forward to seeing you all again.