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Wetter Weather

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Our first week has come and gone, with much harvesting and some planting. We’re still wondering if it’s really summer, as cooler weather has been the order of the day. Don’t get us wrong – we’re not complaining: fieldwork at 23 degrees is much more enjoyable than fieldwork at 32.  We’ve had to catch up on staking and suckering our tomato plants – they’re growing, but could do with a few rays in coming days. No sun, no tomatoes – they definitely belong to the solanacea family. In contrast, our leafy vegetables are doing splendidly – they love the cooler, wetter weather. Our veggie of the week is the dual purpose beet: its greens are a nice addition to salads, its root can be grated raw, roasted, or steamed as you please. To check our list of vegetables for the week, click here.