Farm Life Vegetables and Berries

Wonky Forecasts

It has been a while since we’ve had forecasts calling for
so much grey and rainy weather.
Although Meteomedia – the most pathologically optimistic weather service I have ever come across – was recently forecasting a warm and sun-filled fall, this week has sent us careening into fall colours and dank, chilly temperatures.

These rains are far removed from the welcome balmy showers of summer.
Instead, they elicit frustration, as three days of rain mean a week’s delay in field chores, no machinery being able to enter (or exit) fields in such a soggy, muddy state. We accept what Mother Nature deals us, though, because even as the rain is a short-term pain, it will fill our ponds and replenish our subterranean water supplies. In the meantime, we’ll be harvesting in sub-optimal conditions, wiping off our muddy boots repeatedly as we wait for the sun to break through the thick cloud cover.

This morning we completed the harvest of our butternut squash as well as that of a few other specialty squashes.
Our tomato plants are still yielding up their bounty, for which we are thankful, but they too are nearing the end of their useful lives. The coming chill will seal their fate in due course. Notwithstanding, a new generation of vegetables is looming on the horizon, leafy greens for the most part, flavourful specialty brassicas with a bite.

Meanwhile, you will find the following vegetables, among others,
in your basket this week:
beets or root celery, cabbage or pak choi, leeks, pumpkin,
pepperstomatoes and more…
We look forward to seeing you all again at your respective drop-off locations.