Farm Life

Climate Change

Too much change in just a week. While winter never really settled in this year, at least the chill was sufficient to remind us that we do live in Canada, after all. But over the past few days, ‘place your bets, all bets are off!’ a climate croupier might say. We’ve gone from winter woollens to shorts and t-shirts in the past 48 hours, and there’s more record-breaking highs to come this week. We took pictures of ice floes in the river late last week; in a couple of days we’ll be posting pictures of our garlic sprouting in the fields. All this to say that we are wondering what spring will look like this year. Climate Cassandras, we cannot resist the temptation to predict at least another snowstorm – Mother Nature may still exact a price for the balmy winter we’ve had…and so, for the time being, we’ll take refuge in the greenhouse, watching the cloudless skies for signs of snow…geese.