Photo: Gilles Chaumel, LES CHRONIQUES DU LUNDI: Loulou à la ferme ou la tournée d’automne dans les Cantons, dimanche 28 septembre 2014 (

We have developed Hayloft Adventures (Aventure sur Paille) as a complementary agrotourism venture to our primary activity of organic farming. 2017 will be Hayloft Adventures’ fourth season. The concept is best summed up as a rustic accommodations with a copious breakfast in a rural setting, all at an affordable price. The accommodations are comprised of a straw bed in our main barn.

Hayloft Adventures is inspired by a long-standing Swiss precedent. Since the early 90s, a network of Swiss farms has been offering straw accomodations (Schlaf im stroh — literally “Sleep in Straw”). For information on the Swiss experience, click here.

   Before you go writing this whole idea off as loopy, consider this: I’ve stayed in just about every type of accomodation there is…and I’d have to say that one of the most comfortable night’s sleep I’ve ever had was on a bed of straw in a barn…It’s soft. It’s comfy. It smells sweetly of fresh-mown hay [and comes with] breakfast included. My kind of accomodation!”   

Reid Bramblett* on his own Swiss “hayloft adventure”
*Travel guide author and editor, non-traditional and alternative travel expert,

You can come plant, weed and harvest with us — for a few hours or a full day. You can gather eggs and pick strawberries in June, or blueberries and black currants beginning in July. Alternatively, you can partake in blissful farniente, stroll through our fields, explore our wooded areas and stop at the river’s edge. At nightfall, you can gather round a camp fire and stargaze. We can also suggest various tourist activities in the magnificent Brome-Missisquoi area.

Cassis - Black Currants