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As Summer Lingers…

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already at week 12 of the season! The month of September signals yet another transition, this time towards fall vegetables – beginning with the spaghetti squash you’ll find in your baskets this week. Exceptionally, we feel like we are harvesting them against their will – a reluctance to be harvested made all the more evident by their refusal to turn yellow, a natural colour change typically triggered by the combination of cooler, and wetter, weather. This year we’re on Cloud Nine – with abundant sunshine, and nary a raindrop in sight for the foreseeable future. The dearth of seasonal triggers means the plants – all of them – continue in a state of ignorant bliss, as summer lingers and fall falters, totally unprepared for the winter none of us can avoid.

Verge d'or - Goldenrod