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Celeriac Choux de Bruxelles - Brussels Sprouts - BIS

There’s nothing like a week’s break to put the spring back in a vegetable farmer’s step, particularly if the week in question was sunny from start to finish. We harvested carrots, sowed green manure, spread manure of the other kind for next year and watched our rutabagas grow. Our baskets this week include Brussels sprouts and root celery (celeriac). We’ve had a good harvest of the former – we’ll be serving them up in their unadulterated form, i.e. stalks and all. The latter is pleasantly aromatic and makes a great French slaw, or rémoulade; alternatively, you can simply add it to your mixed vegetable roasts. Your vegetable farmer also took advantage of the break to trek off to Mauricie and spend some time working with draft horses – amazing animals we hope to be adding to the farm in a not-too-distant future. We’ll keep you posted in that regard; as a first pre-requisite, we’ll have to build a special stable for the gentle giants and make sure we develop a plan to put them to good use.

Derniers foins - Last Haying 1
Derniers foins - Last Haying 2