Vegetables and Berries

Fall follows summer

Picking up where we left off is easier said than done. Notwithstanding recent cooler temperatures, the summer was a hot one.  Everything that could go to seed did, to the frustration of those hoping for more lettuce in their baskets. The cooler weather heralds the return of broccoli and some leafy heads. The tomatoes continue to keep us busy. The plants simply refuse to cease yielding their bountiful crop – with no frost on the horizon, we’ll probably have to uproot them to get them to stop. Such is not the case of our eggplants, peppers and zucchinis: they seem to have decided that fall means slow, or no, production. And so we turn our attention to root crops. Radishes, carrots, turnips and more beets will fill your baskets – with winter squash to top things off.