Vegetables and Berries

Greenhouse Groove

March 23rd marked the start of our greenhouse season. Leeks and onions first, followed by artichokes, celeriac and sweet peppers. Early April saw us seeding cut flowers, which we hope to offer this summer, and a few slow-germinating herbs (marjoram, rosemary)…then beets (soon to be transplanted outdoors) and tomatoes (candidates for a longer greenhouse stint). We won’t bore you with the long list of plants to be seeded before the end of May. Suffice it to say that some planning is necessary to ensure good greenhouse timing and subsequent transplanting success. Seed too early, and the plant will grow too fast and lose the vigor required for future field growth; seed too late, and the plant won’t have enough time to mature in the field (onions, for example). Timing it right puts the odds of a good harvest in the farmer’s favour. Greenhouse work is a pleasurable experience – in addition to enjoying a balmy tropical micro-climate which contrasts markedly with the wild fluctuations in outdoor temperatures, you witness the small transformational miracle from seed to seedling on a daily basis. Our personal favourite is the cabbage seedling – as per the pic above.