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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Planteur à 2 places - 2-seated planter

To think that at the beginning of the week, summer was in full swing at the farm and we were into the sultry dog days of August…Since then, the cool weather we had been pining for has settled in, and suddenly it feels like late summer.

This year’s crop of gralic is bountiful, yielding possibly our best garlic ever. We have four varieties — Italian, Music, Elephant and Ukrainian. The first two are similar, with good-sized cloves: tasty, but not overpowering. Elephant garlic is actually a member of the leek family: relatively mild-tasting but with bulbs the size of a large fist (Elephant is without a doubt our largest garlic variety). Last, but not least – there’s the Ukrainian garlic, streaked with purple and with a strong garlick-y taste. We’re taking orders, the sooner you place yours the better.

In closing, the date of our annual méchoui (September 7) is fast approaching. Last year, we had nearly 175 guests — we need e-mail confirmations from those of you who plan to attend.

Bienvenue Méchoui - Méchoui Welcome Par la porte de grange - View From the Barn Tracteur et bonne bouffe - Tractor and Good Eats