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It is time to overcome our writer’s block. Two months have sped by, far from the computer, but never far from the farm and farmwork. We had left off at fieldwork to be completed…We never did get around to mulching the garlic with straw; it will have to wait until spring. To avert boredom during the long winter months, we decided, 75 laying hens not being enough of a challenge, to acquire three (pregnant) ewes and a ram. This foray into larger livestock has necessitated a small-scale barn re-furbishing and twice-daily treks from the farmhouse to the barn to provide them with food and drink. Spring will bring the additional excitement of lambing – we’ll be checking for signs of impending motherhood diligently as time progresses. We are planning to add to the barnyard crew in coming months – where there is hay and feed for some, there will be more for others. We’ll post pics on the website with each arrival. In the meantime, the next couple of months will be filled with agricultural training, crop planning and…ice-rink car-pooling.