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Spring Lambing

New LambIt’s lambing time at the farm. After a rough start (including a couple of unfortunate miscarriages), things are back to normal in the barn and our ewes are taking turns giving birth. We’ve had ten new lambs in the past few days and are expecting at least half a dozen more by early next week.   The sheepfold is usually quiet during winter, but it’s busier than a hospital nursery these days, with a few more baas.  Ewes and their lambs have to be separated from the main flock to ensure the mothers pay full attention to their progeny, the lambs suckle well and no one gets lost in the shuffling herd.  The beauty of it all is that all this activity is unfolding two weeks before we begin our greenhouse plantings, leaving us just enough time to focus on the animals before we have to focus on our plants. We’ll post more photos as the lambing continues.