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Country cemeteries

They lie scattered between rural routes. One happens upon them between two cornfields, or at the edge of a village like Stanbridge East. Peaceful and seemingly forgotten, but open to the public nonetheless – unlike our more-than-centenary churches. One can stroll through them and witness local history through the headstones rendered almost illegible by the passing of time.

These beautiful cemeteries, maintained by our towns and villages, are constant reminders of a local history which should not be forgotten : the presence of First Nations, the arrival of loyalists from the south, 1812, religious and linguistic cohabitation and the local impacts of broader historical upheavals.

I would be lying were I to say I visit them often, but every once in a while I do stop by to enjoy the shade of a magnificent and very venerable old tree or to wonder, as I gaze at their miniature tombstones, at lives suddenly cut too short. An occasional visit serves as a guilt-free escapade, a brief respite from the chaotic intensity of daily farm activities.  

The expanding arc of our zucchini and cucumbers continues, so do not be surprised to find them in your basket again, but this week we’ll also be serving up carrots and our spring cabbage, a refreshing ball of green-ness and a welcome antidote to the prevailing heat and humidity.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.