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Couleurs à la ferme - Fall colours at the Farm_S

Down on the farm, we’re into the final stretch. Only three weeks left before we all go back to our winter habits, including our more frequent visits to our local grocer. The days are cool, the nights cooler — which augurs well for all those fall vegetables just waiting for a cold snap to lock in that end-of-season sweetness. You can expect your first Brussels sprouts, and the return of the beet. As we lifted the corners of our white nets this week, we came across some chinese cabbage which had been biding its time…as said time has come, said chinese cabbage will grace your basket this week. The nice weather allowed us to complete our pre-winter blueberry preparations. All that remains is to enclose the patch with a long electric fence in order to protect the plants from potential deer damage during the long winter months, as we reconsider the excessive generosity we showed this season in sharing more blueberries with the farm’s birds than with our clients…

Randonneurs au sommet - Hikers at the Top_S

A high point of the past weekend was our participation in a special ascent of nearby mont Pinacle, as 160 hikers were granted access to the mountaintop in a series of hikes organized over a two-day period. The mountain overlooks the village of Frelighsburg, both of which are a scant 15 minutes from the farm. While privately owned and usually closed to the public, the top of this small mountain (750m) provides a stunning vista of the Montreal plain, the Appalachian mountains and the Adirondacks, a breathtaking 360-degree panorama. We include a couple of pics as proof that we were there.

Vue du Mont Pinacle View_S