Farm Life Vegetables and Berries

Almost, But Not Quite

Bleuets pas mûrs - Unripe blueberries_S
Tomates pas mûres - Unripe tomatoes_S

Our fields are poised, teetering on the verge of change, as if shifting gears from one generation of vegetables to the next were too much to ask for. The first generation is the one that’s already filled your baskets: leafy greens, garlic scapes and green onions thrown in for good measure. The second generation includes not only summer squash and cucumbers (which you’ve begun to sample), but also tomatoes, eggplants and blueberries. They’re all right here, biding their time, waiting for a few days of extra sun to ripen to perfection – there is no point rushing, Mother Nature knows that slow and steady always wins the race. Yet it’s tempting to seek a culprit for this apparent sluggishness: we believe it is the late Spring we experienced and the delays it occasioned pretty much across the board. After a hesitant weather waltz, forecasters are calling for a sunny week, good news for all, from carrots to tomatoes. That said, the contents of this week’s basket differ little from last week’s, except for our fine herbs, which have grown in both quantity and variety.