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August is upon us and your farmer knows he’s heading into the final stretch. August is a perilous month, one of heavy humidity, blazing suns and late greenhouse seedlings that still require our full attention. Summer’s end plays itself out in the fields, as harvested plots need to be quickly harrowed and just as quickly sown with green manures.

Easier said than done. One cannot rush Mother Nature, as she slows our progress and reminds us that the remains of a harvested crop that took three months to grow and yield its bounty will take at least three weeks to break down into compost. For dust you are and unto dust you shall return…

August is also our cornucopia month, with its bounteous abundance and the arrival of a whole new series of vegetables – our long-awaited solanaceas, of course, but also our liliaceas, and shortly, our fall/winter cucurbits too. Meanwhile, we will not deny ourselves our summer pleasures as we stretch out the season with fruits and vegetables to be eaten in the shaded heat – indeed, no better way to end a day than with a slice of cantaloupe or watermelon.

Our garlic has been harvested and is drying in the barn.
It is fresh and delicious, and will keep all winter in a kitchen cupboard. We will begin taking 2021 garlic orders soon. Deliveries will begin once a critical mass of orders is received and our garlic is fully cured, most probably by early September. Your order will be delivered in paper bags that should be kept in a dark, dry space (i.e., a kitchen cupboard or pantry) to ensure it lasts the winter.

Finally, our black currants have been harvested and our first batch of honey has been extracted – so this week marks the start of our sales of jams and honey at our drop-off locations and our market stands. Quantities are limited, so we cannot take reservations – they will be offered on a first come, first served basis only.

We look forward to seeing you all again.