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Although the contents of your basket are yet again a summer cornucopia, the first signs of fall are already evident. A flock of wild geese flew overhead this weekend and cooler nights bring relief in the guise of a heavy dew that drenches everything in sight…and makes boots mandatory for our morning field inspections. We’re not complaining, such is the nature of our Canadian summers: intense, yet brief. And so we like to pretend it’s still summer, and hold back our fall vegetables, even as they beckon to be harvested. That said, our leeks, though ready, can wait another week or two; likewise the spaghetti squash we just harvested can sit for a bit as it cures in the warehouse.  Meanwhile, we bring you more summer squash and cucumbers, to the immense satisfaction of the (very) young members of the Arlington Gardens Cucumber Club…we think they’re hilarious, don’t you agree?

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