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Farm Stress

Merle sous le porche - Robin in the Eaves
Lapin dans l'herbe - Rabbit in the Grass

We had to do it. And do it fast. You see, the rain was coming. And so, Friday and Saturday, we weeded EVERYTHING: the herbs, the baby broccoli, the kohlrabi, the beans…the list went on and on. We also planted EVERYTHING — more broccoli, more kohlrabi, and a few other things left on our greenhouse tables. Because when a good rain comes, we don’t mess around. Our stress level (the good kind, like cholesterol) increases, making us more efficient, more productive. By day’s end on Saturday, our hands were heavy but our hearts were light. On Sunday, to make amends for 2 days of intensive labour, I took a break with our farm employees: we travelled to Oka, to visit someone looking to get rid of a weeding tractor. It was really just an excuse to visit the Oka abbey, a silent ghost of a monastery since the departure of the Trappist monks who previously inhabited it. Even though they were looking for a change of pace, I am not sure dead quiet was what they had in mind. We ended the day in Victoriaville, visiting a greenhouse for sale. If all goes well, we plan to install our first two field greenhouses in the Fall so they’re ready to use early next year. We want to start the season even earlier next year — by the first or second week of June, in fact. For our planned season extension to be successful, we need closed, yet well-ventilated, greenhouses. You’ll hear more on this topic in due course.