Farm Life Vegetables and Berries


This week is a seasonal tipping point where we have to work twice as hard
to ensure completion of the most important structuring activities before our market farm stands open July 1st. While the term structuring may sound a bit pretentious, they really are fundamental to the long-term success of our seasonal production. These include completing the setting-up of our tunnels, finishing blueberry plant/field prep so we can install our bird nets, weeding the Jerusalem artichokes to ensure a bountiful end-of-October harvest and  installing protective netting over our Brussels sprouts to protect them from the ravages of the diminutive, but mighty, flea beetle and Swede midge. The list goes on, but the purpose of this weekly note is not to bore you with our never-ending to-do list.

Mother Nature is benevolent these days and seems to be promising us a sun-filled week.
That is a good thing, considering early summers past which were downright unpleasant, filled with muddy boots, slippery alleys and sodden rain gear. All it takes is a ray of sun, and past soggy season starts are forgotten as we focus on what lies ahead.

This week’s basket resembles last week’s, give or take two or three variations on the veggie theme, i.e. more greens and root vegetables while we wait for the nightshades (solanaceas) and the cucurbits (summer squash and cucumbers) to ramp up. They will do so eventually…In the interim, I take the health of your intestinal tract to heart – and assure you that there is nothing better than greens and roughage to keep your pipes in working order.

We look forward to seeing you all again shortly.