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Midnight Express

We were expecting them at noon, they arrived at midnight, an F250 pulling a trailer loaded with 200 feet of greenhouse metal tubing in the dark of the night…They thought loading the trailer would be easy, but it proved to be major feat, considering greenhouse geometry, all horizontal arabesques and transversal bars piled to infinity. Missing your highway exit, not once, but twice or perhaps even three times, does nothing to improve delivery times from distant Victoriaville. And so they finally pulled into the farm driveway: a former organic farmer and his two young offspring, half asleep but still willing to unload what they had helped load. In an hour, much aided by our new tractor and a few of our own farm employees, everything had been transferred to our new greenhouse location. A brief overview of the disassembled parts completed, they disappeared into the darkness whence they came, despite our invitation to stay and sleep…on straw. Our job will only be done once the difficult task of re-assembling the greenhouse is completed later this summer…our very own LEGO block construction project.

In the fields, nature continues to play tricks on us: reluctantly ripening tomatoes should prove just sufficient for this week’s baskets. We’re still awaiting our usual mid-summer cornucopia: next week, perhaps…they’ll have to turn red sometime! Notwithstanding, this week’s basket spells (smells like) summer…

Aube - Dawn