Vegetables and Berries

Not This Year

You all know a blueberry bush cannot be harvested in the first three years of its life. We’ve told you often enough already – flowers and fruit must be sacrificed for the greater good of the plant and its roots. A field of well-established blueberry bushes should yield tasty fruit for more than 20 years. That being said, to test the different varieties we’ve planted, we’ve let one of each bloom – 7 or 8 worthy representatives of the thousand bushes we planted last year, ranging from the early season (July) varietals to the late season (September) ones.  Some are already laden with berries, hanging like bunches of grapes on fine stems.  For now, our task is to make sure the plants are growing, weeded and composted well. When the first fruits ripen, we’ll write a post on the varieties we’ve planted.