Vegetables and Berries

Weeding: A State of Mind

There’s nothing like weeding several rows of carrots  to make one realize that carrot weeding is an activity to be undertaken with either zen-like calm or unmitigated enthusiasm…anything in between is guaranteed to result in unbearable frustration. There is no pleasure to be found in weeding carrots. They germinate slowly and weeds have ample time to firmly take root before a carrot has even begun to form. When it becomes impossible to ignore the weeds any longer, we fall on our knees (the most comfortable position is on all fours) and begin our chore – one not recommended solo, but rather in groups of two or more, to preserve morale. Carrot weeding is undeniably painstaking, as it is difficult to avoid uprooting one or more miniature carrots with each handful of weeds. Knees ache and sweat beads the brow…and while the satisfaction somehow seems paltry in comparison to the effort exerted, the rows do eventually get weeded. Daucus carota is its latin name, and you’ll see them in your baskets later this summer.

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