Farm Life Vegetables and Berries

Of Visits and Visions

They came intent on stepping out of the fray, far from the madding crowd, they told us. A charming couple: he, working on a masters degree in architecture; she, finishing her studies in public health. Well-informed on organics, knowledgeable in most things environmental, they came to test the comfort of our straw berths and the brilliance of our starlit skies. They must have liked what they found, as they lingered for three days, witnessing the farm’s varied modes and moods. As a parting gift, they left us a small token of their appreciation on a USB key. A vision of the farm hitherto unknown to us, but that has only made us love it more, a breathtaking landscape served up by a high-tech drone, a technology increasingly present in agriculture. While many are likely more familiar with their military applications, drones are increasingly used for trouble-shooting and problem-solving in farmers’ fields. For small-scale vegetable farmers like us, drones are overkill; but for large cereal growers, they are a necessary asset. That said, I promised our architect friend I would visit Lozeau this winter…

And if ever proof of Nature as a tease was wanting, the past week of stifling heat (more mid-July than late August) has been proof enough…Too late for the tomatoes which we have just ploughed under, but perfect for our ripening Fall vegetables and our green manure — all of which have benefited from the burst of heat. The challenge now is to keep everything well irrigated.