Vegetables and Berries

Summer With a Capital “S”

Abeille au travail_Busy as a bee_S

After much ado about whether or not summer had arrived – we can assure you that it has indeed, with a vengeance. The current heat wave has made our solanaceas particularly happy: our tomatoes have begun to blush and our squash are looking content. They’re finally getting the attention they deserve. The rest of us soldier on, the days are hotter, the crates of vegetables heavier, the treks from the fields to the warehouse longer. Still, we don’t complain, as some vegetables can’t flourish without this weather. Will there be tomatoes this week? We don’t know yet, because even as they turn from green to yellow to red, we are not sure we’ll have enough for everyone…the answer may (or may not) be in your basket, you’ll find out. One way or another, we trust you’ll find some solace in our blueberries, an early season mix of sweetness and tartness we hope you’ll enjoy…As for the rest of our vegetables, you can check the list here.