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A Sisyphean Task

Moutarde sauvage - Wild Mustard

The troops were restless in the heat last week, but Environment Canada’s forecast for cooler temperatures is helping us keep everyone in line. Pickers of zucchini and blueberries, both time-consuming vegetables to harvest, are relieved. Our blueberry harvest is in full swing – we hope to have some blue fruit until early August. Tomato harvesting is finally underway – it starts with the smaller early varieties (including lip-smacking cherry tomatoes), but by the end of July, we expect to be harvesting our heritage varieties. Meantime, as the summer progresses, we are fighting an epic battle with the weeds; unfortunately, it is not yet clear who will win. We are literally in hand-to-hand combat, and it all turns particularly ugly in July, as the farmer wanes and the weeds wax. Indeed, overwhelmed by the seeming futility of the task, your farmer likens his fate to that of Sisyphus…For the list of vegetables that have grown despite the weed onslaught, click here.