Farm Life Vegetables and Berries


It’s old news already, but this week was another hot one. We’re getting used to it. The strawberries seem to appreciate the heat, and even some of the brassicas are loving it, particularly the broccoli which we had to harvest hastily, given the searing temperatures over the long weekend.

Brocoli en fleurs - Bolting BroccoliBroccoli is an under-appreciated vegetable if ever there was one – if you only knew the attention it requires, you would swallow it whole. Much-loved by the aptly-name flea beetle (a small but noxious bug), broccoli requires protective netting, compost-rich soil, buckets of water and lots of attention to ensure it doesn’t bolt.

Tomate drageonnée - Suckered TomatoIn just a few days, the farm has moved from spring to summer as the nightshades (solanaceas) and corn have gone from a vegetative state to flowering and tasseling. Even the weeds are growing like gang-busters, strips of rambunctious greens that are a constant source of angst for those tasked with keeping them in check. Weeds are a topic we will return to anon – at once abhorred and awe-inspiring, they are as indicative of the health of a field as the vegetables they compete with.

Finally, a few logistical notes: Ghislain and Céline, the bakers at Capitaine Levain, will begin delivery of their bread baskets this week to those of you who have signed up. Hurry up and register if you are interested in testing the concept. Also, we will gladly take empty egg cartons and berry pints (the little red boxes). Finally, please remember to bring your own bags for your vegetables. We look forward to seeing you all again.Champs bariolés - Striped fields