Vegetables and Berries

Vegetable Vibe

Time to get down and talk zucchini…as we head into the harvest of that singular vegetable, known for both its prolificity  and, according to some zucchini naysayers, insipidity. Don’t get me wrong: I love zucchini, the very foundation of Mediterranean, dare I say global, cuisine. The plant is vigorous, stocky, even, with broad-leaved stems reaching heavenwards. The flowers are a deep yellow, a beacon for bees, of both the ordinary and bumble variety. For three weeks, the zucchini plant produces flowers, both male and female, that engage in a balletic exchange of pollen, ensuring the survival of the species. Every once in a while, though, especially early on, they misstep, and the misshapen fruit that results rots quickly, dying an untimely vegetable death on the plant. Mother Nature may seem cruel, but when survival of the species is at stake, mercifulness is not an option.

Parlons légumes_Vegetable Vibe

This week’s basket signals a transition: goodbye strawberries and garlic scapes, hello Chinese cabbage and fennel. Impending changes notwithstanding, we’ll be sure to keep you well-stocked on the greens front – serving up more lettuce and other leaves. We don’t want to jinx it, but our early tomato crop is looking promising…with harvesting of saladettes (sic) to begin soon, perhaps as early as next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed — there will be no turning back once our tomatoes arrive, the surest sign of summer ever.

Grosse miche - Big LoafBread news: responding to your input, Céline and Ghislain have expanded their offering to include a basic sourdough option, or pain de campagne, available in their one-, two- or three-bread(s) weekly basket formats – check it out here. Otherwise, you know the drill: please don’t forget your empty egg cartons and berry pints. We look forward to seeing you all again shortly.

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