Vegetables and Berries

The 2016 Season Has Begun !

What a schizophrenic winter we have just had! On four distinct occasions the surrounding fields turned green in … February! Even the most phlegmatic of farmers can be forgiven for losing their bearings as we head towards Spring — no longer a matter of months, but rather two to three weeks at most according to the latest forecasts.

Robert Kaufman Co. Farmer's Market Cotton print

Meanwhile, we’ve been chafing at the bit to get the ball rolling and open up registrations for the 2016 season. Our website has been completely revamped in order to streamline basket registration and to allow for extra orders of vegetables and fruits throughout the season on a new platform (please bear with us as we iron out the wrinkles over coming weeks). The season will run from the beginning of the week of June 13 to the end of the week of October 23rd — a total of 20 weeks. Yet again, we will be offering two basket formats (small and large) and as wide a selection of vegetables and fruits as in previous years. We’re hoping for a strong showing on the berry front, particularly following on last year’s hugely disappointing blueberry harvest. Given the mild winter, we expect bushloads of buds ready to burst as soon as warm weather settles in. We’ll have strawberries early in the season, along with other fruits: melons, watermelons and even apples and pears from our young orchard. On the vegetable front, we’re planning a broad variety of cultivars and anticipating a bumper tomato crop. This year, the vast majority of our tomatoes will be grown under cover in our cold tunnels — and so we hope that “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor …” will stay your farmers from their appointed tomato growing and harvesting tasks.
So without further ado, to your computers to send us your online registrations. We look forward to seeing you all in a few months.