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Going Full Tilt

One month since our last newsletter and the pace is really picking up. Seedling production is going full tilt, so much so that our seedling greenhouse extension is bursting at the seams. One of our big cold greenhouses is already full (with spinach, lettuce, beets and coriander…), the other two will be filled this week. Nothing surprising here, given that the main justification for their construction was to preserve us from Mother Nature’s weather whims, which can be terribly unpredictable at this time of year.

While we briefly caught a glimpse of summer two weeks ago, it was something of an accident, as colder temperatures and rain have returned with a vengeance. Indeed, the beginning of May is looking to be both cold and wet. One man’s curse is another man’s blessing, though, as the cooler weather gave us more time to prune our black currant and our blueberry bushes which are now just about to break bud.

Only 6 weeks to go before deliveries begin at our three neighbourhood drop-off locations
We look forward to seeing you all again this summer.