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We’re off!

This entry marks the launch of our 2023 CSA basket deliveries!
We’ve been busy over the last month, and what a month it has been! Four real frosts, some pretty chilly weather AND our first heat wave of the season…We did what we had to do, but it demanded an extraordinary expenditure of energy installing protective netting, then removing protective netting on warmer days so our plants could breathe, then re-installing protective netting in response to the latest frost warning issued by the high priests of the Ever-Changing Weather Temple, Environment Canada. Overall, our plants survived the successive frosts, although some of them are underperforming relative to their average growth curve (but should be able to make up for lost time), and others will continue to run behind schedule until a slightly delayed harvest date.

And don’t get me going on last week’s heat wave: welcome relief from the cold at first, it nevertheless complicated matters as we had to ration water (managing the water levels of our irrigation ponds which have to continue to provide water for an entire season of vegetable growing) to ensure everything got enough water until the next rain.

Your baskets will be overflowing with greenery these first weeks, leafy greens of all sorts with a few root vegetables thrown in for good measure. You may have to adjust your cooking just a bit to make sure you put such beautiful seasonal leafy vegetables to good use. In this week’s basket you’ll find arugula, beetspak choi, coriander, lettucespinach, (sunflower) sprouts and japanese turnips.

I remind our new farm members not to forget to bring bags to cart your produce home;
the baskets we use for our deliveries head back to the farm to be used for the next delivery. 

To the procrastinors amongst you who have yet to register : 
It is not too late to sign up – we still have room for you at all our locations!