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Good Habits

Revving up a tractor in the early morning after a chilly night can be a challenge
if you’re looking to start your day early. A recalcitrant engine and a wet seat – travails one faces in the wee hours of an early October morning. And so one trains oneself to practice good habits, including – insofar as motorised farm vehicles are concerned – always parking one’s tractors facing due south to allow the sun to warm things up a bit…

This juxtaposition of nature and industry may seem contrived or superstitious, even,
but if one considers that most self-respecting vegetable farms have more than a few motorised vehicles of a venerable age – in our case, our oldest tractor was built in 1954 – it is only to be expected farmers adopt a variety of tips and tricks to help keep our farm antiques in running order…In 1954 things were clearly built to last, and obsolescence was such an infrequently used term that one had to look it up in the dictionary.

This week we wanted to make sure you had the wherewithal for a great Thanksgiving celebration next Monday, namely:
pumpkindelicata squashpeppers, root celery, carrotspotatoes, leeks, a leafy green and garlic.
For those of you still interested in garlic, consider this our last call for orders before what remains is planted in coming days.

That’s it for now.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

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