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Living Soils

Were it not for the torrential rains of the past weekend,
the tractor and combine mechanical ballet would have continued uninterrupted. Every year witnesses the same field crop ritual. Just as market farmers are beginning to pack things up and in, field crop farmers sit astride their massive machines. Corn, for one, is harvested thus these days, with everything a function of degree-days and thermal units. The longer the cobs can stay on their stalks in the field, the drier they get and the less it costs to dry them post-harvest. The downside is that all this heavy machinery is all too often deployed in soggy fields with devastating consequences on soil structure, including probable compaction. deneme bonusu

Rural legend has it that Quebec winters,
with their alternating deep freezes and sudden thaws, counter soil compaction. My experience points to that being little more than wishful thinking…

In your baskets this week:
, Savoy cabbage, leeks, squash, winter radishes, potatoes, another yet-to-be determined vegetable – and more, including hot peppers that we will bring separately.

We look forward to seeing you all again.