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Stewards of the Land

You can look for them high and low, but you won’t find them anymore : our young farm employees have left in pursuit of more studious occupations. Colleges and universities beckon, and the call of the classroom has won out…you may still catch a glimpse of them from time to time at our market stands, but they have deserted the fields and our warehouse for the rest of the season.

We’ve gone to great lengths to replace them – and you are no doubt aware of how difficult it is to find good help. We’ve had to make several calls, begging with some, pleading with others, and have even recruited the odd farm member  😊 …in the end, though, we should be able to close out the season decently.

Such travails beg the question of with whom, and how, we work the land, and of the very future of agriculture in our climes. I can affirm without a doubt that without the presence of Mexican, Guatemalan and other foreign workers, there would be no market farming in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada. They are the backbone of countless farms across the country.

On our farm, they arrive in May and depart in October. Gerardo, Crescencio, Gregorio et al … they are incredibly knowledgeable and are often farmers in their own right on farms back home. For businesses such as ours, their contribution is invaluable. They bring tremendous know-how and a deep respect for the soil and the work it demands. While we come from very different backgrounds, we share an all-consuming passion for growing, tending and harvesting vegetables.

With this week’s basket, we are definitely heading into fall.
I draw your attention to the bok choi, my favourite Asian vegetable, sweet with just a hint of bitterness, fresh and juicy. It is easy to cook, whether steamed and served with a bit of olive oil or sautéed and served with a touch of soy sauce – I leave that up to you.
Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you all again.