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A Chastening Cold

Chastening Cold - Froid qui châtie_S
galinsoga, ragweed, amaranth_S

We realized last week, as the mercury dipped below freezing, that an early frost has certain pluses – like ridding the fields of all the weeds we have spent countless hours combating all season. The list of annual weeds that wilt at the first hint of frost is long (and includes many a farmer’s nemeses, of which galinsoga, ragweed and amaranth are but three). But so is the list of vegetable casualties — all plants whose slow agony has come to an abrupt end: our tomatoes (be they early season varietals or late season specimens, or anything in between), our eggplants, our peppers. All that’s left is for us to clean out the decimated patches, removing plastic mulch and ploughing as we go — chores that we’ll complete this week as they are forecasting warmer weather again in coming days.

In an organizational fit this weekend, we decided to sort our garlic and fill your orders in one fell swoop. As a result, all our bags of garlic stand ready to be delivered at the various drop-off locations this week.

This week’s basket includes a vegetable which we do not grow ourselves — the potato — but rather buy on your behalf from Réal Samson, in our humble opinion the best organic potato producer in the province. This week also marks the return of the leek…in sum, a winning combination for a seasonal cream soup.

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