Vegetables and Berries

April Chill

Sauge - SageFleurs - FlowersApril is already almost over, but spring has still not sprung! At this time last year we were breaking soil with our tractor; this season we scarcely dare walk in the fields given how wet they are…No matter, the greenhouse is keeping us plenty busy as our seedlings grow. We started with leeks and onions, followed by a bunch of brassicas, herbs, root celery, beets, peppers, even asparagus. In the past few days, we’ve seeded our (early) tomatoes, eggplants and lettuce. And so it goes – almost all our vegetables are started in the greenhouse, where patience is a virtue. A greenhouse is a wonderful place to practice the art of zen as you watch your garden grow. As the days go by, the drab grey of empty tables and containers is replaced by the vibrant, multi-hued green of seedlings. So while the weather has yet to turn, we’ve already crossed the greenhouse Rubicon and cast the die for the upcoming season.