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Chou frisé rouge - Red Kale Fraise future - Future Strawberry Arrosage printanier - Spring Watering

Mid-May already, and following a brief hot spell, they’re calling for sub-zero nights again. We had wanted to harden our beans and fennel outside, but we’ve had to bring them back into the warmth of the greenhouse at night. There’s no point rushing things, as May can be brutal for those who fail to bide their time. And so they wait: the tomatoes, the beans, the eggplant, the peppers and all their warm-weather friends, even as others – the spinach, beets, lettuce and sweet peas – are already in their beds in the fields. Meanwhile, planting continues apace in the greenhouse. We’ve sown melons and watermelons, cukes and zucchinis, and all kinds of other things. In a few days we’ll be starting corn and squash. Last but not least, our hens have arrived – little brown hens who will lay little brown eggs.  And so the excitement and pressure continue to build as we pick up the pace and prepare for summer.

Semis en serre - Greenhouse seedlings Nouveaux filets - New Nets Betteraves à gogo – Beets galore