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First Baskets

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Already June 24th: our first week of vegetables will be a leafy one, with all shades, and kinds, of ‘greens,’ starting with the emerald green leaves of spinach – spinach which has benefited from the best of growing conditions. We’ll also have red frilly lettuce, oak leaf lettuce and even crisp, slightly bitter escarole, that holds its own drenched in a blue cheese salad dressing. Garlic scapes (more poetically ‘garlic flowers’ in French) are the season’s best kept secret. Prepare it as you would regular garlic, sautéed or raw. It delivers a more subtle garlic experience than the mid-summer bulb. In the more consistent vegetable category,  we’ll have kohlrabi – which can be grated in a slaw or sliced as a crudité with or without your favourite dip. To top it off, we’ll also have radishes, and hopefully (although we cannot guarantee it) one of either broccoli, zucchini or snow peas. It’s time to get cooking!

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