Farm Life Vegetables and Berries


Nothing better than a night at 6 degrees Celsius followed by a sun-filled blustery day at 16 to celebrate fall. Suddenly, serving up squash and turnips seems more than appropriate, a welcome change of fare. To these we add a few other root vegetables, some leafy greens and some nightshades, hangers-on emboldened by the still relatively balmy weather who know not yet what awaits them when the first frost strikes. Ignorance is bliss, even in the vegetable kingdom. The night chill is a call to action, a reminder that some crops need protecting — like next year’s strawberry plants. We’ve started strawing them in rows. The straw is laid out between the rows, and once it gets really cold we’ll cover them completely, tucking them in, as it were, for their winter snooze.

Straw berries - Fraises paillées

Beginning this week, you will receive a variety of winter squash, some of which can sit on your counter-tops for weeks, others which must be eaten quickly. Our all-time favourite remains the delicate delicata, a squash for connaisseurs that is eaten with its skin, preferably roasted. Garlic prep is taken longer than anticipated; deliveries will begin the week of September 27 (Week 16).