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La vie en vert

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Edith Piaf probably did not know kale when she first sang La vie en rose…but we can tell you, life is pretty green on the farm these days. Given abundant spring showers and cooler weather until recently, our leafy greens have done particularly well, thank you very much. And so the plan is to offer them to you in all their splendid diversity in the first basket of the season, beginning with the almighty kale, vegetable rock star and blender bender. We will be serving up Lancinato (Portuguese) kale — straight out of the age of dinosaurs, or so it seems — as well as traditional red and green varieties. We will ask you to let us know your favourites: kale will appear again from time to time throughout the season. A more temperamental leafy green — spinach —  will also be making a cameo appearance, its presence cut short by the recent warmer weather. Here this week, gone next week: we’ve had to harvest it all, as it threatens to bolt in reaction to the sudden absence of rain. Lettuce, radishes and chives will also grace your baskets, complemented by a combination of zucchini, cucumbers and/or sugar snap or snow peas — all as a function of your delivery location. On a down note, the rainy weather has had a deleterious effect on our garlic scapes, which are taking their jolly time to curl into readiness. It may very well be the first year we are unable to include them in our first basket of the season. Also, egg aficionados take note: supply is abundant…

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